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New Years, Semi-New Me.

  • The Anti-Resolutions for 2015.
    This way I know that I've already achieved and grown so much, and this list starts with positives, not negatives like so much in life. These are things that I had never thought I could do, and I've done them, or am working on them. And it's a huge deal, even if I can't acknowledge it sometimes, it's good to be reminded that I AM doing amazing things.

    Lose 70lbs- Done.
    Meet 30 Seconds to Mars- Done.
    Meet Saving Abel- Done.
    Start a roleplaying social network.- Done.
    Make social network succeed in spite of inexperience- Work in progress, but tentative "done".
    Quit smoking- Done.
    Revamp Mandi's Muses with new products- Done.
    Try a crazy hairstyle/color- Done.
    Give more to others than I give to myself- Always.
    Say goodbye to old ties that bring me down- Done.
    Meet a few roleplaying friends in real life- Done, some.
    Smile. Know that life goes on and I'm too stubborn to be kept down for long- Always.
    Be the type of friend that I'd like others to be- Unfailingly.
    Always strive to lift others up, even when I can't help myself- Something I strive to often.

    And now, the resolutions.

    Strive to walk 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week, starting slow and building up so my health will adjust.
    Stop avoiding looking at myself in the mirror, as my outside doesn't match my inside and I am not my reflection.
    Learn that my looks and my weight aren't who I am either, and stop putting so much emphasis on them.
    Get my teeth fixed, and focus on other problem areas of my health that I've avoided.
    Write a few more novellas, possibly have an anthology published by the end of the year.
    Aim to be happy first, and work on "healthy" as I can.
    Stop being my own worst critic.
    Stop hiding away, there's a great big world out there that I'd like to see one day, and it starts with a single step in any direction.


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