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  • There are so many books that really stick with you. So many that become a part of your life almost. Some examples for me would be... the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling that introduced me to world building as a craft in writing. That taught me to consider how to make the entire scene come alive. The Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh, that taught me that even taboo sexual topics can be approached with sensuality and be written well. Bullfinch's Mythology that helped me really learn to dig down into myths and legends as I am writing, to connect my fiction with things that are based in history and psuedo-fact.

    My first foray into Sherrilyn Kenyon's writing was Kiss of the Night. It was amazing. Here was a writer who had taken legends of Atlantis, Olympus, Sumeria, Lemuria, and all of these great myths and managed to tie them up together in a neat little bow. There were vampires, demons. Gods and Goddesses. Ancient races as old as time itself, living alongside humans who were oblivious as well as the human's tasked with keeping their secrets. There were were-animals and ghosts... just this amazing realm where anything was possible. The writing was funny, intelligent, and had a sex appeal that couldn't be denied, even as the books themselves weren't. They are relationship-centric, yes, but any sex is generally a small part of a larger arc.

    Oh yes. These books each feed into each other. You can start wherever you like, but like Ben & Jerry's, the best is to pick a spot at the top and dig in slowly to savor it. Every 5-10 books is one "arc" in the huge story. We've had 2 arcs so far, and we're just beginning the 3rd. Every new book adds something new to the collection, and the world just keeps expanding. We now have a young adult series that will intersect with the main series as well.

    It's the first and only book series I've ever roleplayed. The story is just so vast, there is always something new to learn. It's been 3 years and I haven't gotten bored yet. I eagerly await every new release like it's candy and I need my fix. Seriously, if you love myths, legends, and the paranormal, you'll want to check out Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series, which is comprised of the Dark Hunters, Were Hunters, and Dream hunters. If space and futuristic is more your style, there is the League series of hers. Chronicles of Nick is the young adult series that will branch into the Dark Hunter series, and Nick is a great character to learn more about.

    For reference, these are the current accepted reading orders for her books. Yes, it's long, but you won't regret giving her a shot :)

    Sherrilyn Kenyon- Dark Hunters

    1- Fantasy Lover
    2- The Beginning (in Sins of the Night)
    3- Dragonswan
    4- Night Pleasures
    5- Night Embrace
    6- Phantom Lover (in Midnight Pleasures)
    7- Dance with the Devil
    8- A Dark Hunter Christmas (in Dance with the Devil)
    9- Kiss of the Night
    10- Night Play
    11- Winter Born (in Stroke of Midnight)
    12- Seize the Night
    13- Sins of the Night
    14- Second Chances (in Dark Hunter Companion)
    15- Unleash the Night
    16- Dark Side of the Moon
    17- A Hard Days Night Searcher (in My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding)
    18- Until Death Do Us Part (in Love at First Bite)
    19- Fear the Darkness- Online Novella
    20- The Dream Hunter
    21- Devil May Cry
    22- Upon a Midnight Clear
    23- Dream Chaser
    24 Shadow of the Moon (Dead after Dark)
    25- Acheron
    26- One Silent Night
    27- Dream Warrior
    28 Bad Moon Rising
    29 No Mercy
    30 Retribution
    31 The Guardian
    32 Time Untime
    33 Styxx
    34 Dark Bites
    35 Son of No One
    36 Dragonbane


    1 Born of Night
    2 Born of Fire
    3 Born of Ice
    3.5 Fire and Ice (in Man of My Dreams, In Other Worlds)
    4 Born of Shadows
    5 Born of Silence
    6 Cloak & Silence
    7 Born of Fury
    8 Born of Betrayal
    9 Born of Defiance

    Chronicles of Nick

    1- Infinity
    2- Invincible
    3 Infamous
    4 Inferno
    5 Illusion
    6 Instinct


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