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  • Hello everyone! We here at Liliom have a huge announcement... we will be officially opening in August 2016. We're so very excited and looking forward to it. Right now, we need people like you! Are you a blogger, a reader, or an avid reviewer? Do you want a chance to win free books and swag? We are starting up our mailing lists early in order to make sure we have ample time to develop our newsletters. To join, all you do is fill out your email to receive advance notice of new releases, book parties, giveaways, review opportunities, and more. We promise, we'll only email when we have something important or fun to share!

    Here's a list of the newsletters that will be available come August.

    Liliom Press- The newsletter for Liliom. You'll see new releases, sales from our trusted vendors, author interviews, and little tidbits about what we're working on.

    Liliom Street Team- Calling all bloggers and readers, this one is for you! Want to help spread the word about up and coming Indie authors? Liliom will take care of the photos, links, and blurbs for you. Each newsletter will have all the information you need to post an author or book feature on your blog or page.

    Liliom Reviews- Love getting free stuff? Members of the Liliom Review team will receive a free ebook in exchange for a review, posted at Amazon and Goodreads. If you have your own review blog or page, feel free to post them there too, we love reviews! How this works is, in the newsletter we'll post the blurb and a little bit about the book. Depending on how many copies the author is willing to give out, the first people to respond that they want to review that book will receive it, compliments of the author and Liliom. Pretty cool, huh?

    Mandi K. Author- Author of Risque Romance, the first title published under Liliom Press. She's got plenty of projects going on, and will post updates as well as links to author giveaways she's doing.

    To sign up to one, or all, please visit our website,
    located here- and
    click that shiny new "Newsletter" button!